6 Senses Kitchen

Air date: Every Sunday 8:10pm – 8:35pm

An all new cooking programme, “6 Senses Kitchen”, has invited celebrity chef Denice Wai, along with food lovers Bosco Kim and Janey Yan, to share with viewers tips and tricks for cooking the perfect dish. Denice will take you through a flavorful culinary journey; such flavors include: sourness, sweetness, bitterness, spiciness, saltiness, and the umami of Chinese barbecued meat. Aside from using fresh ingredients, including pork, beef, lamb, chicken, to cook various tasty, wholesome, and nutritious dishes, Denice will also create fusion dishes with an unconventional twist by incorporating Chinese barbecued meat into Western style dishes.

Denice cultivated her passion for cooking since she was a little girl as she assisted her Asian cuisine chef father in the kitchen. Not only is Denice an excellent chef, but also a self-professed food lover, who has travelled around the world on a food adventure to explore different cuisines and cooking techniques. She then integrated the best from the East and the West, and created her own one-of-a-kind cooking style. To Denice, there are three requirements in making a great dish: ingredients with colours that complement each other, exquisite food presentation, and excellent ingredients pairing. But most importantly, is to enjoy every dish with joy.

“6 Senses Kitchen” will update you on the latest information on new cooking gadgets, techniques, and the most advanced hygienic equipments in the food processing industry. On top of the educational information, guests are also invited onto the show to discuss topics such as desserts, coffee, and wine and cheese pairing. Make sure to stay tuned for this extraordinary cooking programme!

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