Fairchild TV Drama series are now available on TELUS TV On Demand

Starting August 9, audience who enjoy binge-watching drama series will have a new option to watch their favourite dramas on demand – the free TELUS TV On Demand service jointly offered by Fairchild TV and TELUS. All subscribers of Fairchild TV, Fairchild 2HD and Talentvision will be able to order through their Optik TV® set-top box and watch the wonderful dramas aired on previous day on our channels for free and in high definition clarity too! In addition, subscribers can watch TV On demand through the Optik TV® app on their mobile phones or tablets. With this new service, subscribers can now watch their favourite dramas any time, any where in stable and smooth connection as well as in high definition. You no longer have to worry about missing any episode due to your busy schedule and can enjoy watching the drama as many times as you like.

Question and Answer:

Q: What programs are available on demand for free?

A: The first batch of Fairchild TV, Fairchild 2HD and Talentvision dramas that are available include “Provocateur”, “My Dearly Sinful Mind”, “The Unholy Alliance” from Fairchild TV, “Succession War”, “Deep In The Realm Of Conscience”, “Flying Tiger” and “Who Wants a Baby” from Fairchild 2HD as well as “Princess Agents” and “City Still Believe in Love” from Talentvision. New same day dramas from Hong Kong TVB as well as other latest drama series aired on Fairchild TV and Talentvision will be added in on-going basis.

Q: When will the dramas be available and how long is the viewing period?

A: Subscribers can watch dramas aired on previous night on the next day. The whole series will be available for 4 months after the last episode is aired, so that you can watch any one episode or watch the whole series again at your leisure.

Q: I have only subscribed to Fairchild TV, can I watch Fairchild 2HD dramas through TV On Demand?

A: For subscribers of both Fairchild TV and Fairchild 2HD, they will be able to watch same day dramas from Hong Kong as well as other dramas. However, if they have not subscribed to Fairchild 2HD yet, they will only be able to watch Fairchild TV dramas on demand.

Q: Fairchild TV, Talentvision and Fairchild 2HD are aired in Standard definition and High definition respectively, are the TV On Demand dramas in SD or HD?

A: Subscribers are able to use the Optik TV remote control to access TV On Demand and watch dramas in HD.

Q: How can TELUS Fairchild TV subscribers access TV On Demand?

A: All subscribers of Fairchild TV, Fairchild TV 2HD and Talentvision can watch dramas on demand for free through their Optik TV box and by pressing “TV On Demand” on the remote control and then click the “Multicultural” folder. Or, they can enter channel 2808 directly using their remote control to access the dramas. For assistance or enquiry, please call the free TELUS Chinese hotline: 310-2888.

Q: How can audience subscribe to Fairchild TV, Fairchild TV 2HD and Talentvision on TELUS?

A: Audience can order through these methods:

  1. Using the remote control, go to channels 2801 (Fairchild TV Canada West), 2802 (Fairchild TV Canada East), 2803 (Fairchild 2HD) or 2831 (Talentvision) and order directly on screen
  2. Log on to www.telus.com/myaccount, choose “Optik TV”, then press “Add or Remove channels” button and choose “Theme pack” or “Individual channels” from the Chinese Channels menu
  3. Audience in BC or Alberta can call Chinese hotline 310-2888, or 1-800-883-6888 from other provinces. Overseas audience can call 1-604-310-2888 for any enquiry about subscription

For Optik TV customers:

1. First, press the ‘on demand’ button on their remote.

2. Then press the ‘up’ arrow button on the remote to move the highlight to TV On Demand and press OK.

3. In TV On Demand section, move the highlight down by pressing the downward arrow button, and find Multicultural folder. It should locate underneath Sports.

4. Press OK again to enter the Multicultural folder. The following screen will appear, customers will be able to see Fairchild TV, Fairchild TV2, Talentvision and a Chinese movie folder:

5. Next customers can select the folder they want and press OK. For example, if they enter Fairchild TV folder, all the available shows in that folder will appear:

6. Or, customers can press “guide” on the remote control, then enter 2808, press ok and they will be taken directly to the Fairchild TV and Talentvision VOD screen, then press ok to select the shows they want to watch.

7. From here it will be pretty straight forward, they can continue selecting the assets by moving the highlight and press OK, browse the series and pick the episode they want to watch.