Fairchild TV Drama series are now available on TELUS TV On Demand

Since the launch of the TELUS TV ON Demand service in August 2018, this service has become very popular among the audience, especially for those who love to binge watch dramas, this indeed is a very convenient and thoughtful service.

Fairchild TV and Talentvision has added more titles in the past months, many of those are grand productions with high ratings, including the new drama series “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace, starting Dec. 27, 2018 on Talentvision. Boasting a stellar cast led by Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo and $300 million YMB in production, this drama is worth watching more than once. With TELUs TV On Demand, enjoying such great productions will be so convenient and simple. Starting Dec. 28, one episode will be uploaded to TV On Demand following the airing schedule on Talentvision. You can try this on-demand way of watching drama offered by TELUS to Fairchild TV and Talentvision viewers immediately!

For Optik TV customers:

Method 1

1.First, press the “On demand” button on the remote

2.Then press the up arrow button on the remote to move the highlight to TV On Demand and press ok. Then In TV On Demand section, move the highlight down by pressing the downward arrow button, and find Multicultural folder.

3.Press OK again to enter the Multicultural folder. The following screen will appear, customers will be able to see Fairchild TV, Fairchild TV2 and Talentvision folder. Next, select the folder you want and press OK, then select the show you want.

Method 2

Press “guide” on the remote control, then enter 2808, press ok and you will be taken directly to the Fairchild TV and Talentvision VOD screen, then press ok to select the shows you want to watch.