TaiwanFest 2019 – Riding the Waves with Vietnam

Pursuant to the success of “A Cultural Tango with Hong Kong”, “Kanpai, Japan” and “Fête with the Philippines” held respectively in the last 3 years at the TaiwanFest, the “Dialogue Series with Asia” continues on to “Riding the Waves with Vietnam” in its fourth year. This series will explore the connection between Vietnamese and Taiwanese cultures from the unique perspectives of outstanding new Vietnamese immigrants while exposing Taiwan to the world and demonstrating its inclusive spirit for other Asia cultures.

Other than visual exhibitions and musical performances, TaiwanFest will also organize a feast. What is a better way to experience Vietnamese and Taiwanese cultures than by having a taste yourselves? One of Hanoi’s celebrity chefs, Chef Hung, will be hosting a “Friendship Kitchen”. In Chef Hung’s cooking class, you don’t just copy notes and learn to cook in a classroom setting. Instead, you follow him through the crowded streets of Hanoi and explore the city with heart, turning into the twisted alleys of the local market, breaking up garlic to smell its fresh aroma, chewing rice noodles while feeling the subtle taste of sourness. From various street food, you are experiencing the vitality of the Old Quarter in Hanoi. For more details: www.taiwanfest.ca

Participants of the much anticipated “Fairchild Experience” will be accompanied by a group of popular TV personalities, including Leisure Talk host and food blogger William Ho, City Chat host Carman Shao, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2018 Alice Lin and Miss Chinese Vancouver 2017 Second Runner up Tingting Niu. Together you will learn Vietnamese culinary skills under the guidance of Chef Hung in an exclusive cooking class. In addition, the winners will be invited to attend the reception and opening ceremony of Taiwan Fest as a VIP followed by an extraordinary entertainment presented by the Ju Percussion Group. Fill in the contest entry form below for a chance to win!

"Fairchild Experience" at TaiwanFest Vancouver

Date: August 31st (Saturday)
Time: 3:30pm
Location: 700 Granville Street, Vancouver

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Contest Deadline: August 23rd, 2019 (Friday)

Question: What are the names of the Fairchild TV artistes that will be attending the Vancouver TaiwanFest’s “Fairchild Experience”?

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