Congratulations to Home Chef Canada Winners!

With no restrictions on age and cuisine, Home Chef Canada has inspired many hidden chefs across the nation to join this competitive culinary contest. Formed by “Hong Kong Food God” Hugo Leung, and renowned Canadian chefs, Kim Thai and Alex Mok, the judge panel finally determined the winners of Home Chef Canada Champion and TruNatural Most Creative Award, based on the contestant's cooking procedures, creativity, and presentation on the video clip! Here are the winners:

Home Chef Canada Champion: Kelvin Kwok - Three Cup Chicken

Kelvin Kwok from Toronto captured the championship of Home Chef Canada with his appetizing Three Cup Chicken! This iconic Taiwanese cuisine derives its name from the three cups of sauces required, including rice wine, soy sauce, and sesame oil. To give the dish some intense flavors, add a handful of basil leaves!

TruNatural Most Creative Award: Alicia Chin - Tortilla Bowl

The 6-year-old little chef, Alicia Chin, is the youngest among all contestants! When everyone believes that her edible bowl is exceptionally creative, Chef Kim Thai thinks that her soft-boiled egg is the biggest surprise of the dish.

My Favourite Home Chef Canada Award: Gina Choo - Seaweed Rice Ball

Seaweed Rice Ball made by Gina Choo is not only simple to carry but also keep people full easily. It is definitely one of the best picnic and outdoor party food. No wonder she wins the heart of the TV audience and takes home the title of My Favourite Home Chef Canada Award with majority votes!