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Black Dog

Black Dog   

  • 播映 September 9 onwards,
  • 集數27
  • 時間 Saturday, 9:50pm
  • 演員Seo Hyun-jin, Ra Mi-ran, Ha Jun



Go Ha-neul (Seo Hyun-jin) becomes a temporary teacher at a private school, but she faces many struggles in her new position. However, she's determined to do her best and help her students as they face the various trials that exist in the highly competitive private school setting. With the guidance of Park Sung-soon (Ra Mi-ran), the head of the school’s career counseling department, and Do Yeon-woo (Ha Jun), a Korean language teacher with an unwavering passion for teaching, Go Ha-neul finds the strength to overcome the challenges of teaching in today’s cutthroat education system, growing both as a person and a teacher.