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熱播劇集 2台


Sparks    宣傳片

  • 播映 Nov 136, 2023 onwards
  • 集數20
  • 時間 Mon-Fri (PST) 10:40am, 6:10pm, 10:10pm;(EST) 1:40pm, 9:10pm, 1:10am
  • 演員Ian Chan, Christie Cheung, Ashley Lin, Anson Kong, Lokman Yeung



Brothers Pak Wai and Chin Fan have totally different personalities. Pak Wai is a positive, diligent leader of an ice hockey team. Even when facing strong opponent Tin Shing, he believes that passion and hard work can lead them to victory. Chin Fan hates his elder brother’s eagerness and feels that he can never be as skilful as him. When Pak Wai dies in an accident, Chin Fan and Pak Wai’s girlfriend Yu are dispirited. They share memories of Pak Wai to keep each other going. Meanwhile, Team Sparks, once led by Pak Wai, falls apart. While selling Pak Wai’s ice hockey equipment, Chin Fan meets Bean, an optimistic girl who inspires him to regroup Team Sparks. He restores the ice-skating rink and resumes the business. When the team meets their old rival Tin Shing and his team Storm, they feel powerless. However, they also realise that passion brings about a determination to achieve their goal. They vow to defeat their rivals and head towards the professional championship.