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熱播劇集 2台

The Heir to the Throne

The Heir to the Throne   

  • 播映 May 13, 2024
  • 集數30
  • 時間 Mon-Fri (PST) 4:30pm, 8:30 pm;(EST) 7:30pm, 11:30pm
  • 演員Charmaine Sheh Raymond Lam Him Law Gallen Lo Benz Hui Toby Leung Candice Yu Betsy Cheung Jeannie Chan DaDa Chan



Yau Ho-yee (Charmaine Sheh) is the Yaus’ out of favor eldest granddaughter. Yau Ho-yee always has a fighting spirit even when she was a kid. She is so ambitious that she absolutely believes she is capable of becoming the matriarch. However, patriarch Yau Hon-yeung (Lau Kong), who prefers boys over girls, has been bringing up his only grandson Yau Chi-bun (Him Law) as his successor. And Yau Ho-yee is sidelined. Moreover, Yau Ho-yee’s second uncle Yau Sau-yi (Gallen Lo), who is group vice chairman, puts her down all the time. Patriarch Yau abruptly falls gravely ill. He leaves behind a power of attorney that astounds the chums. Surprisingly, he authorizes his granddaughter Yau Ho-yee to take over as acting group chairman. Yau Sau-yi and Yau Chi-bun, who belong to the same camp, confront Yau Ho-yee and keep questioning her and getting in her way. Yau Ho-yee angrily deals with the enemy. With her lawyer ex-boyfriend Ko Tsun’s (Raymond Lam) covert help, Yau Ho-yee assumes the position of acting chairman as the authenticity of the power of attorney is proven. However, patriarch Yau abruptly dies soon. He has left behind a final version of his will. And Yau Sau-yi and his son Yau Chi-bun still have their hands on the Yaus’ estate. The dust seems to have settled on a feud in a distinguished household. However, a new chapter begins secretly as Yau Chi-bun’s true identity is exposed.