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Treasure Of Destiny

Treasure Of Destiny   

  • 播映 April 26, 2024
  • 集數24
  • 時間 Mon-Fri 8:05pm, 12:35 am
  • 演員Moses Chan Katy Kung Kalok Chow Kaman Kong Zoie Tam Timothy Cheng Kandy Wong Judy Kwong King Lam Julian Gaertner Felix Ng



Pork butcher stall lady boss Chu Ying-kiu (Katy Kung) has innate mystical power. But she is inflicted with some strange illness that causes her to grow a beard. She hopes to find the elixir mentioned in Sutra of Forty-two Chapters for treating her illness. Over the years, university Chinese language professor Cheung King (Moses Chan) has been passionate about finding this legendary treasure. However, he has been suffering from insomnia as he was devastated in an incident. Math genius Siu Kwai-chi (Kamen Kong) is clever and smart. She falls in love at first sight with A&E male nurse Orr Kin-ning (Kalok Chow). Kwai-chi is torn between good and evil. And she really wants to find the treasure as she hopes to become an overnight millionaire. Fate brings Cheung King, Ying-kiu and Kwai-chi together. They come up with all kinds of schemes as they each want to snatch the treasure. While they compete with each other, a war on the human conscience’s immorality and righteousness has started. And it is a life-and -death struggle …