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Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer   

  • 播映 Sep 29, 2023 onwards
  • 集數24
  • 時間 Mon-Fri (PST) 5:20pm, 9:20pm;(EST) 8:20pm, 12:20am
  • 演員Bosco Wong, Chrissie Chau, Raymond Wong



A brutal murder case causes twin sisters, who have not seen each other for ages, to be reunited in some foreign place. Their life trajectories, which are like parallel lines, again get intertwined. But they exist in different realms when they meet again.

Due to investigation into an explosion case with many doubtful points, Hong Kong police officer Yuen Sing-kit (Bosco Wong) reaches Singapore. His girlfriend Leung Hei (Chrissie Chau), who is an insurance claims investigator, is missing.

While cracking down on people smugglers, Singapore STAR Wei Xiao Chen (Chrissie Chau) accidentally discovers her younger sister Leung Hei’s dead body. Her heart was astonishingly harvested when she was alive. And it is difficult to track down the perpetrator.

Wei Xiao Chen’s younger sister’s tragic death causes her to recall her childhood memories. To catch the perpetrator and find the truth, Wei Xiao Chen goes to faraway Hong Kong. She disguises herself as Leung Hei and covertly investigates people around Leung Hei, including some good and evil group CEO, mysterious hacker, shadowy policeman… Wei Xiao Chen deals with these individuals. At the moment when the conundrum is about to be deciphered, she finds out Leung Hei’s death had implications for other crimes.

However, Wei Xiao Chen gets further and further away from the truth as investigation progresses. And she falls for some scheme. The darkness behind the crimes is bottomless. And someone closet to her is astonishingly a vague stranger.