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Secret Door

Secret Door   

  • 播映 May 29, 2023 onwards
  • 集數25
  • 時間 Mon-Fri (PST) 4:30pm, 8:30 pm;(EST) 7:30pm, 11:30pm
  • 演員Ruco Chan Mandy Wong Roxanne Tong Hugo Ng Moon Lau Nicholas Yuen Angelina Lo Henry Lo Hugo Wong KK Cheung



Rewind thirty years and hardened criminal Yip Siu-tin (Hugo Ng) is arrested for armed robbery and sentenced to prison. Siu-tin’s daughter, who has handled the loot, changes her name to Cheung Sum-yuet (Mandy Wong) and starts a new life. She also gets married to yacht company boss Yen Ho-yin (Hugo Wong). Meanwhile, Chong Chi-kiu (Ruco Chan) is a kid left behind by an accomplice who has died because of the robbery. Fortunately, kind-hearted Tang Sing-him (Henry Lo) becomes his foster parent. A traffic accident causes Chi-kiu and Sum-yuet to run into each other again. But this accident somehow has something to do with Siu-tin, who is just released from prison. Sum-yuet can no longer avoid Siu-tin, who is a nightmare to her. And her marriage also has certain issues. Police officer Yeung Yan-hiu (Roxanne Tong) intervenes by launching an investigation, and she keeps going after Siu-tin and Chi-kiu. Unresolved grudges for thirty years are again put on the front burner. Everyone implicated in a robbery of yesteryear is drawn into this mess.