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The Righteous  Fists

The Righteous Fists    宣傳片

  • 播映 May 12, 2023 onwards
  • 集數30 episodes
  • 時間 Mon-Fri 9:00pm, 1:25am
  • 演員Ruco Chan Natalie Tong Joel Chan Elaine Yiu Philip Ng Yuen Qiu Grace Wong Tiffany Lau Au Siu Wai KK Cheung



Rewind to the 1930s and Bo Ching-wan (Ruco Chan) and his family have come to crime infested Tong Yan Street in Bangkok. His father Bo Tin-ha tragically dies after he has teamed up with Lin Chun-shan to rebel against Lo Heung-tung. Ching-wan’s younger brother and sister have also accidentally gone missing. His mother Ting Sai-fung (Yuen Qiu) has become emotionally unstable. Fast-forward twenty-five years and Ching-wan sets foot in Tong Yan Street again and encounters a swindler called Chin Chin-chin (Natalie Tong). Chun-shan’s son Lin Gik (Joel Chan) turns out to be a corrupt cop. His colluding partners Pang Kin (KK Cheung) and Kam Lung (Au Siu Wai) are bosses of the two most notorious gangs. Pang Kin’s only son returns to Bangkok with his fiancée Ching On-na (Grace Wong). However, he is assassinated, causing the two gangs to clash with each other. Ching-wan establishes Overseas Chinese Society of Bangkok. Ching-wan and his partners encourage good deeds and punish the baddies. But the Society is in disarray as it repeatedly faces up to difficulties. There is still a long way to go before the chums find peace.

The Righteous  Fists The Righteous  Fists The Righteous  Fists The Righteous  Fists