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The Beauty Of War

The Beauty Of War   

  • 播映 Feburary 21, 2024
  • 集數20 episodes
  • 時間 Mon-Fri (PST)10:00pm, 5:30pm, 9:30pm ; (EST) 1:00pm, 8:30pm, 12:30am
  • 演員Jeannie Chan Joel Chan Rebecca Zhu Moon Lau Angel Chiang Alex Fong Hera Chan John Chiang Karl Ting Regina Ho Bob Lam Aska Cheung



Chung Ka-po (Jeannie Chan), Lam Siu-mei (Hera Chan) and Lee Ching-yee (Moon Lau) are sisterly buddies. Due to different reasons after graduation, the trio gradually go their separate ways. Ka-po is arbitrarily nominated by Siu-mei to participate in a school beauty contest organized by some magazine. Ka-po is eventually the unchallenged winner, and the Golden Agent Wing Yat-yin (Joel Chan) then convinces her to join his agency. Yat-yin encourages Ka-po to sign up for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. However, Chung Ka-kei (Angel Chiang), who is Ka-po’s fellow contestant and also younger stepsister, frames her. And then Ka-po manages to enter showbiz, which is more like a “battlefield”. She also befriends Pong Chun-yu (Alex Fong), who is the son of some tycoon. After the couple get married, Ka-po finds herself in another “battlefield” that is the domain of some distinguished family. Moreover, Ka-po is drifting away from her two bosom girlfriends. Is it actually jealousy, dignity, wealth or something else that causes the friends to go cold on each other?