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Fairchild Mid-Autumn Celebration Dinner 2024

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For over half a century,Jackson Wan Kwong has been aninfluential figure in the Southeast Asian entertainment industry. His works, often grounded in reality, resonate with audiences through satirical lyrics, making him a quintessential iconof Hong Kong's pop culture. His concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum and Cultural Centre consistently drew full houses, not only acclaimedby mature fans but also embraced by the younger generation. He has also crossed-over with emerging musicians to producevarious projects.-over 合作。

Last year, netizens utilized artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate the voice of "AI Wan Kwong",whose renditions of hit songs by popular singers like Keung To and Terence Lam swiftly went viral. Wan Kwong the artiste has been affectionately nicknamed "Kwong B" since then. Wan Kwong partnered with his AI voice "Wan K." to release "Dear Myself" shortly after,marking his first entry into the prestigious“Ultimate Song Chart”. At the age of 79, he even made it to the top five in the "Ultimate Favorite Male Singer" category in the award presentation, setting a record in the Cantonese music industry.

At 80 years old, Wan Kwong remains active. He previously participated for the first time in the TVB drama series "Sinister Beings 2", enjoying a pleasant shooting experience alongside Hanna Kuk and Brian Tse. His recent project was a rendition of the humorous theme song "The Head of the Family" for the drama series "Broken Trust". His acting in the former was highly acclaimed while the latter he could tackle with ease.

Wan Kwong embarked on his concert tour in November last year, starting from Hong Kong, then making a lasting impression on fans in Macau, China and Malaysia. In September this year, he finally arrived at Canada, greeting his longtime supporters from three major cities,Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. He is thrilled to invite fans to join in the celebration dinner for Mid-autumn festival with friends and families during that time.

Due to the overwhelming response, all tickets to the "Fairchild Mid-Autumn Celebration dinner 2024" in Vancouver and Toronto are sold out. Thank you for your tremendous support! Apart from enjoying the sumptuous dinner and celebrating the festival with your loved ones, guests will sure be delighted by Wan Kwong's humorous signature hits and melodic numbers. Wan Kwong's friendly demeanor and witty jokes are definitely favorites among audiences of all ages!

Event details and locations as are follows:

  • Vancouver
    Fairchild Mid-Autumn Celebration Dinner 2024 - Vancouver
    Date: September 9, 2024 (Monday)
    Location: Continental Seafood Restaurant (11700 Cambie Road, Richmond, BC)
  • Calgary
    Fairchild Mid-Autumn Celebration Dinner 2024 – Calgary
    Date: September 10, 2024 (Tuesday)
    Location: Regency Seafood Palace (335- 328 Centre Street, Calgary, AB)
  • Toronto
    Fairchild Mid-Autumn Celebration Dinner 2024 – Toronto
    Date: September 12, 2024 (Thursday)
    Location: Casa Deluz Banquet Hall (1571 Sandhurst Circle Scarborough, ON)