Variety Show  FTV2

Eyes On Concern Groups

Saturdays (VAN) 9:50am, 3:30pm, 9:25pm; (TOR) 12:50pm, 6:30am, 12:25am

Let Me Try...

Saturdays (PST) 7:45am, 1:15pm, 6:40pm; (EST) 10:45am, 4:45pm, 9:40pm

Tokyo Unlock

Tuesdays(PST) 7:30am, 12:00pm, 3:15pm; (EST) 10:30am, 3:00pm, 6:15am

Wednesdays (PST) 8:30am, 4:05pm, 11:30pm (EST) 11:30am, 7:05pm, 2:30am

Fashion Killer

Sundays (PST) 8:35am, 2:05pm, 8:10pm; (EST) 11:35am, 5:05pm, 11:10pm

Thai Rogered (Sr.8)

Sundays (PST) 8:35am, 2:05pm, 8:10pm; (EST) 11:35pm, 5:05pm, 11:10pm

King Maker V

Mon-Fri (PST) 6:10pm, 10:10pm;(EST) 9:10pm, 1:10am

The purpose of “King Maker V” is to allow young people from overseas to have the opportunity to
pursue their dreams together with young people from Hong Kong. This year, two overseas audition
locations have been added in Vancouver and Kuala Lumpur. Talent scouts travel to these locations to
visit local television stations, production companies, music schools, and performance venues to discover
potential contestants. Auditions and preliminary selections are conducted to choose representatives
who will compete on the stage of 'King Maker V'.

Open Book

Sundays (VAN) 10:00am, 4:00pm, 9:30pm (TOR) 1:00pm, 7:00pm, 12:30am

Chef Miracle-Canned Food

Thursdays (PST) 8:30am, 4:05pm, 11:30pm; (EST) 11:30am, 7:05pm, 2:30am

Canned food is a must-have for many households nowadays. However, some believe that having canned food is depressing. To change this inherent impression, the show invites four culinary masters to cook star-rated delicacies with canned food. Apart from canned meat and dace in black bean sauce which Hong Kong people are familiar, there are numerous novel canned food selections from all over the world. The chefs will conjure up tons of month-watering masterpieces for audience to enjoy!

Chill Club

Saturdays (PST) 2:30pm, 8:35pm; (EST) 5:30pm, 11:35pm

Innovation GPS

Sundays (VAN) 4:30pm, 2:30am (TOR) 7:30pm, 5:30am


Monday to Friday (PST) 11:30am, 2:50pm, 7:00pm; (EST)2:30pm, 5:50pm, 10:00pm; Saturdays& Sundays (PS

Medicine Online

Mondays (PST) 8:30am, 4:05pm, 11:30pm; (EST) 11:30pm, 7:05pm, 2:30am

A Dream Home Planning

Tuesday (PST) 8:30am, 4:05pm, 11:30pm; (EST) 3:30pm, 9:30pm