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  • Bet Hur

    A gambling match between two formidable players in progress, HEUNG MO-MING (Patrick Tse) unexpectedly shows up and helps his senior disciple to win, but he then totally disappears. The TO clan will always remember and eventually a ...

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  • The Unholy Alliance

    Running a B&B in Taiwan, surfer KO TSZ-KIT (Ruco Chan) is ambushed by assassins. Though he is saved by an agile backpacker, YUEN CHING-YAN (Nancy Wu), his adoptive mother dies at the scene. To probe into the matter, he returns to ...

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  • Identical Affairs

    The ambitious and successful lawyer, Do Hae-gang (Kim Hyun-joo), and her husband, Choi Jin-eon (Ji Jin-hee), have a dysfunctional relationship. They lose their child and Jin-eon starts an affair with a much younger girl, Seol-ri ( ...

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