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  • Take Two

    Many people die as old-fashioned tenement Wai Lei Building abruptly collapses. Engineer Sze Kwong (Shaun Tam) has conducted a survey of the building. He arbitrarily investigates the incident as he reckons the building collapse is ...

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  • The Ringmaster

    Muay Thai champion Hoi Ching-hei (Shuan Tam) manages to hold his ground in his farewell match. However, after a celebration gathering, he soon abruptly meets his death as he quarrels with someone while saving some drunk woman. Hoi ...

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  • Threesome

    Born into a family of legal professionals, FONG YEE-YAN (Mandy Wong) is the mentee of the prominent lawyer AU YEUNG YAT-PO (Joseph Lee), achieving outstanding results in study. However, she changes sides upon completing the mentor ...

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