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  • Guardian Angel

    Northern Lights Insurance has a team of insurance investigators. Funny and talkative Boss Keung is the team leader. His three team members are: TO SUM-YU (Annie Liu), daughter of a rich family; BAK TIN-MING (Bosco Wong), an affect ...

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  • The Legend Of Hao Lan

    During the later stage of the Warring States period, State of Qin and State of Zhao are battling for more grounds and wars often break out between them. In the state of Zhao Handan, Censor-in-chief Li He’s daughter Li Hao Lan (Wu ...

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  • Lo And Behold

    HUNG SHU-KAN (Lau Dan) built his own logistics business from scratch and now everything is in order. The only thing on his mind is the well-being of his three daughters. His eldest daughter has moved abroad, but his second younges ...

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