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  • A Perfect Man

    A Perfect Man

    Yeung Yat-cheng (Joe Ma) has a good reputation in the realm of personal security. He is invited by his buddy Ha Chung-chau (Tsui Wing) to join a security company that is tasked with protecting a tycoon called Tseung Ding-tin (KK C ...

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  • I've Got The Power

    I've Got The Power

    Chung Hau-nin (Ruco Chan), Kiu Yeuk-lam (Natalie Tong) and Ko Yung (Joel Chan) are complete strangers. After surviving a traffic accident, they astonishingly gain mystical power! Hau-nin and Ding Shuk-man (Moon Lau) are a lovin ...

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  • The Devil Judge

    The Devil Judge

    The series is set in a dystopian version of South Korea, where people harbor hatred towards their leaders, and live in chaos. Trials are held through a courtroom live show aired on television.

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  • My Ages Apart

    My Ages Apart

    Mentor and mentee, SUNG CHUNG-KEI (Bobby Au Yeung) and KWONG KONG-SANG (Moses Chan), are highly-regarded bankers. To move up the corporate ladder, KONG-SANG deliberately transfers CHUNG-KEI out, but the plane CHUNG-KEI takes crash ...

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