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Tiger Mom Blues   

  • March 16

  • 20‘

  • Mon.to Fri 8:05 PM

  • Elena Kong, Ben Wong, Michelle Yim, Sharon Chan, Koni Lui, Willie Wai, Matthew Ho, Kong Ka Man

Introduction Chinese

Raised by "Tiger Mom" YUE KAI-YIN (Michelle Yim), stay-at-home mom CHA HEUNG-SIN (Elena Kong), who is deeply influenced by her strict upbringing, adopts an autocratic parenting style to raise her two daughters, leading to resentment among them, especially her elder daughter YIM SIN-YUE (Kong Ka Man). The two are always at each other's throats. Her husband YIM HA (Ben Wong), who was available to soften the blow, instead has to face a midlife crisis and the temptation of an extramarital affair, which eventually estranges the couple...... Despite being extremely strict with her children, HEUNG-SIN is very tough and often contends with another member of the parent-teacher association (PTA), YUEN YUEN (Koni Lui). In the face of this, MAN KA-HEI (Sharon Chan), a discipline mistress, is fearless, and strategically, she manages to make them become friends, carrying each other's burdens. HEUNG-SIN wants her children to be successful academically, only to find out that SIN-YUE is dating KA-HEI's younger brother, MAN LEUNG-HEI (Matthew Ho). She instantly joins forces with KA-HEI to separate them. Thus unfolds a secret that has been kept hidden for over ten years, souring the mother-daughter relationship......