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  • January 3rd

  • 26

  • Fri 9:00 PM

  • Wayne Lai Myolie Wu Edwin Siu Sire Ma Yoyo Chen King Kong Lau Kong Cecilia Fong


KONG SHEUNG-HUNG (Wayne Lai), who was a guerrilla team leader, encounters CHEUNG GEI-SANG (Myolie Wu) during the war. After the Japanese launch an invasion of China, the pair become special agents, sneaking into Guangzhou. GEI-SANG turns into a famous Cantonese opera actress to gather intelligence, during which she not only discovers other spy agencies and expelled fallen Qing Dynasty descendants who are dormant in Guangzhou, but also re-encounters her old flame CHOW SAI-GAI (Edwin Siu). SAI-GAI, a special agent from another organization, hates SHEUNG-HUNG's guts as the two are both love rivals and rival spies. However, when confronting the national calamity, they at last bury the hatchet, joining forces to resist their common enemy. People from all walks of life assemble in Guangzhou, aiming at KAZUO SUZUKI (Wayne Lai), who has knowledge to the gold treasure of the fallen Qing Dynasty. As SHEUNG-HUNG is going to kidnap KAZUO SUZUKI, to his surprise, their facial appearances look similar to each other.