Current Dramas   FTV2

  • Secret Door

    Rewind thirty years and hardened criminal Yip Siu-tin (Hugo Ng) is arrested for armed robbery and sentenced to prison. Siu-tin’s daughter, who has handled the loot, changes her name to Cheung Sum-yuet (Mandy Wong) and starts a new ...

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  • Night Beauties

    The Kingdom Night Club “mamasan” Sa Ching-ha (Monica Chan) and her girls Shek Wai-king (Elaine Yiu), Man Nga-lun (Jacky Cai), Kong Kit-yee (Yvette Chan) and Yue Hau-hau (Connie Man) get along well. Each of the quintet has her own ...

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  • Lo And Behold

    HUNG SHU-KAN (Lau Dan) built his own logistics business from scratch and now everything is in order. The only thing on his mind is the well-being of his three daughters. His eldest daughter has moved abroad, but his second younges ...

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