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  • Sinister Beings 2

    Sinister Beings 2

    While being instructed to investigate some transnational crime, OCTB officers Hui Chun-sum (Ruco Chan) and Shum Wai-lik (Ben Wong) find out Ngai Chi-lok (Cheung Wing Hong), who was the culprit behind the Tiger Cull case, sent some ...

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  • Story of Kunning Palace

    Story of Kunning Palace

    Jiang Xue-ning (Bai Lu) went to great lengths to become the Empress. But she was forced to take her own life in the palace. Fast forward to the present, and Jiang Xue-ning’s wish is to stay away from power struggles and control he ...

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  • Lo And Behold

    Lo And Behold

    HUNG SHU-KAN (Lau Dan) built his own logistics business from scratch and now everything is in order. The only thing on his mind is the well-being of his three daughters. His eldest daughter has moved abroad, but his second younges ...

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