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  • Deep In The Realm Of Conscience

    During the reign of Emperor Shang of Tang, LI LONGJI (Steven Ma) and his aunt PRINCESS TAIPING (Alice Chan) launch a coup that kills ambitious power-seeking EMPRESS WEI (Michelle Yim), restoring PRINCE OF XIANG, LI DAN (Li Hung Ka ...

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  • Succession War

    HESHEN (Ruco Chan) supports PRINCE YONGYAN (Shaun Tam) to accede to the throne. Following QIANLONG’s death, EMPEROR JIAQING manages to convince HESHEN’s son FENGSHEN-YINDE (Matthew Ho) and confidant FUCHANG’AN (Joel Chan) to turn ...

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  • Wu Xin The Monster Killer 2

    Wuxin: The Monster Killer 2 continues the story of monster hunter Wuxin and evil spirit Yue Qishan as they wake up 20 years later, in Republican Era Shanghai.

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