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  • Guardian Angel

    Northern Lights Insurance has a team of insurance investigators. Funny and talkative Boss Keung is the team leader. His three team members are: TO SUM-YU (Annie Liu), daughter of a rich family; BAK TIN-MING (Bosco Wong), an affect ...

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  • I Bet Your Pardon

    LUNG SEI (Kent Cheng) of the “Con Eight” is thrown in jail after being framed by Chinese Chief Detective MAN HUNG (Kent Tong) and his senior PONG FUNG (Paul Chun). MAN HUNG even steals his girlfriend PAK-HOP (Angie Cheong). Five y ...

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  • Wife, Interrupted

    The story revolves around an ordinary man who risks himself to save his beloved wife. Computer engineer LEE YAN-LONG (Hubert Wu) and his wife CHIU CHEUK-WING (Moon Lau) lead an ordinary happy life until one day they get kidnapped ...

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