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  • Story of Yanxi Palace

    In the 6th year of the reign of EMPEROR QIANLONG (Nie Yuan), to find the truth of her elder sister’s death, young lady WEI YINGLUO (Wu Jin Yan) becomes a lady-in-waiting in the Forbidden City. Through investigation, it’s confirmed ...

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  • Another Era

    In 2008, as the tsunami of financial chaos engulfed the world, ambitious entrepreneur HO TIN-SANG (Kwok Chun On) saw the opportunity seeking to take over the richest man in Hong Kong, FONG CHUNG-YAM’s (Wu Fung) business empire, bu ...

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  • Lo And Behold

    HUNG SHU-KAN (Lau Dan) built his own logistics business from scratch and now everything is in order. The only thing on his mind is the well-being of his three daughters. His eldest daughter has moved abroad, but his second younges ...

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