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  • As Time Goes By

    Everyone has some story to tell. Some people choose to leave the past behind, while others just love to reminisce. Chai Man-shek (Max Cheung) – son of Chai Village village chief Chai Yik-tseung (Lee Kwok Lun), Chai Man-kei (Ben Wo ...

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  • Our Unwinding Ethos

    Urban legend, somehow evident, somehow verisimilar, threads together the past and future. Conducting research at Bride’s Pool, Professor of folkloristics POON DOR-LAI (Lam Ha Mei) has what appears to be paranormal encounters, but ...

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  • Happy Harmony

    Sum (Lo Yuen Yan) was a widow and she brought up her four children all by herself. She had three sons, Kam (Wan Yeung Ming), Ngan (Lam Wai), Kwai (Louis Koo), and a daughter, Fu (Natalie Wong). Although the family was not rich, ...

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