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No Room For Crime   

  • DATE June 24, 2024
  • TIME Mon-Fri (PST) 4:30pm, 8:30 pm;(EST) 7:30pm, 11:30pm
  • CASTJoel Chan Owen Cheung Benjamin Yuen Elanie Yiu Rebecca Zhu Kelly Fu Jonathan Cheung Mat Yeung



Rewind to 2019, and jewelry heist hardened criminal Chan Cho-yiu’s (Benjamin Yuen) cold-blooded shot changes four PTU officers’ destinies. Fast-forward five years, and among the four police officers, only Kwan Chi-hin (Joel Chan) is still staying with PTU. Tsui Kwok-yin (Owen Cheung) has quit his police job and become a gangster. Chi-hin and his partner So Kwok-wai (Jonathan Cheung) oversee rookie PTU officers. They assist Anti-Triad Unit Inspector Pang Wing-kei (Rebecca Zhu) in apprehending drug dealers. They again astonishingly run into Cho-yiu! Cho-yiu is determined to get even with the notorious drug lord West Kowloon King (Hugo Wong), aka Ruthless. Cho-yiu then takes revenge on him, but West Kowloon remains anarchic as bad people come from everywhere. To restore law and order, KW Anti-Triad Unit and PTU deal with the gangsters by engaging them in fierce battles. And there is no end in sight!