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Threesome    TRAIL

  • DATE February 18th onwards
  • TIME Sunday 3:00pm, 12:40am
  • CASTMandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Jason Chan, Arnold Kwok, Snow Suen Joseph Lee, Gigi Wong, Lam Kin Ching



Born into a family of legal professionals, FONG YEE-YAN (Mandy Wong) is the mentee of the prominent lawyer AU YEUNG YAT-PO (Joseph Lee), achieving outstanding results in study. However, she changes sides upon completing the mentorship and becomes a barrister, constantly going head-to-head with her mentor in court. YEE-YAN has concealed the fact that she has dissociative identity disorder. Her second personality is a wild risk-taker called PINA COLADA (Mandy Wong) who is destructively aggressive; whereas another one is a pessimistic and sad personality called SADNESS (Mandy Wong). Discovering her secret, LEE TONG-KAI (Benjamin Yuen) takes advantage of this and makes her take him as a pupil, leaving her no other choice but to agree so as to avoid interfering with her marrying the wealthy bachelor KEI HIU-YUNG (Jason Chan). A novel experience between the two has since developed. Due to a sudden switch of the personalities, YEE-YAN often makes a fool of herself in court; whereas the only one who knows the cause of her illness is her mother FONG WAH YEE-SZE (Gigi Wong). Unfortunately, YEE-SZE remains silent on the issue. Gradually, TONG-KAI befriends PINA COLADA and SADNESS. To settle the matter once and for all, YEE-YAN is determined to make them disappear……