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My Ages Apart   

  • DATE Dec 24
  • TIME Sunday 3:00pm, 12:40am
  • CASTBobby Au Yeung, Moses Chan, Louis Cheung, Kristal Tin, Ali Lee, Maggie Shiu, Benz Hui, Eddie Kwan



Mentor and mentee, SUNG CHUNG-KEI (Bobby Au Yeung) and KWONG KONG-SANG (Moses Chan), are highly-regarded bankers. To move up the corporate ladder, KONG-SANG deliberately transfers CHUNG-KEI out, but the plane CHUNG-KEI takes crashes. After regaining his consciousness, CHUNG-KEI finds himself trapped in the body of a millennial named BAO PAU (James Ng). Not only does CHUNG-KEI have to live with BAO PAU’s aunt, BAO MEI-NA (Maggie Shiu), but he also has to witness how KONG-SANG flirts with his own wife LING KIT-YU (Kristal Tin) and heiress SHEUNG HO-YIU (Ali Lee). Wondering how to get everything back, he runs into a 60-year-old man named LAU HANG (Louis Cheung), and they hit it off instantly. It turns out that LAU HANG also has the same experience, so they try to find out how to get back to normal. After uncovering that BAO PAU is banker LUI CHUN’s (Benz Hui) out-of-wedlock son, CHUNG-KEI teams up with LAU HANG to exact revenge. Unexpectedly, they cause KONG-SANG to be seriously injured by falling off the building. At that moment, CHUNG-KEI comes to realize that he has wronged KONG-SANG. The three of them thus try to approach LUI CHUN and his wife’s family, the Sheungs, in different directions by starting with CHUNG-KEI who joins the bank to work his way up. While KONG-SANG seeks to wreck the engagement between HO-YIU and friend KOO TIN-NOK (Sammy Leung), LAU HANG tries to alienate SHEUNG HO-SAU (Elena Kong) from her husband, KO MAN-KIN (Eddie Kwan). Such ever-escalating intergenerational power struggles gradually give rise to a new age of unpredictability……