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Destination Nowhere   

  • March 20

  • 30’

  • Fri 9:00 PM

  • Kevin Cheng Kristal Tin King Kong James Ng Louis Yuen Lai Wai Ling Siu Po Tyson Chak


For Regional Crime Unit Inspector MAN KIU-PAK (Kevin Cheng), his meteoric rise is put down to being in the right place at the right time. Ever since the death of his elder brother and sister-in-law as a result of a traffic accident, he has taken it upon himself to raise his niece MAN TSZ-YU (Lai Wai Ling). He often puts safety first in any operation. However, after taking over an unimaginable kidnapping case, he gets caught up in an alleged collusion scandal between government and big business because of an assignment editor named KAI WING-YIN (Kristal Tin), putting his life on the line. In the process, CHEUNG HAK (King Kong), a dummy criminal who blackmailed WING-YIN, his fellow hometowner LAU CHAU (Louis Yuen) and KWAN KAI (Tyson Chak) become the murder suspects. Just as WING-YIN and her apprentice LAM KA-WING (James Ng) are about to make publicly known the truth, they are told to keep quiet. Meanwhile, KIU-PAK, who intends to continue investigating the kidnapping case, uncovers that WING-YIN conceals the truth. They try to outwit and outmaneuver each other and the process is fraught with ambiguity and suspicion......