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Recipes To Live By   

  • February 9th

  • 25

  • Fri 8:05 PM

  • Tony Hung Sisley Choi Hugo Wong Rebecca Zhu Stephanie Ho Ram Chiang Joseph Lee Mary Hon


TING YAT-SHAN (Tony Hung), a culinary whiz with a sharp palate, feels resentment as his adoptive father TING YUT (Ram Chiang) forbids him from learning to cook. After hearing there is a cooking competition in Yangzhou, he immediately finds SHEK YAU (Sisley Choi) as a substitute who disguises herself as a man to take part in the competition. Due to that, he gains recognition from celebrity chef KOI SIU-TIN (Hugo Wong). He joins forces with SIU-TIN to create new recipes, helping him continuously receive the highest honors ever in the culinary world. Rising to fame, they befriend those who also live out their culinary dreams, including a daughter of a wealthy man TUNG MING-YUET (Stephanie Ho) and celebrity chef DAING YUEN (Rebecca Zhu). MING-YUET takes a fancy to YAT-SHAN, but YAT-SHAN sets his heart on SHEK YAU, who instead admires SIU-TIN. That makes YAT-SHAN want to start his own business, but nothing turns out the way he plans. Unexpectedly, YAT-SHAN falls victim to SHEK YAU's trap and loses his instinct as a food connoisseur. Thus unfolds his mystery background as a descendant of a celebrity chef. Vowing to clear his father's name at all cost, he eventually pays a high price for this with everyone turning their backs on him......