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Guardian Angel    Trailer

  • January 8

  • 36

  • Mon-Fri - 8:05pm

  • Michael Miu, Bosco Wong, Annie Liu, Kate Tsui, MC Jin, Benz Hui, Hugo Ng, Philip Keung, Irene Wan, Maggie Shiu, Mimi Kung, Akina Hong


Northern Lights Insurance has a team of insurance investigators. Funny and talkative Boss Keung is the team leader. His three team members are: TO SUM-YU (Annie Liu), daughter of a rich family; BAK TIN-MING (Bosco Wong), an affectionate guy; and CHEUNG TUNG (Michael Miu), a retired cop. They each have their forte. They have earned themselves a stellar reputation in the realm of insurance investigations as they can always unravel the intricacies and find the truth no matter how nasty, dangerous or outrageous the case maybe. Even though almost 90% of the cases they handle end up with the insurance company having to cough up, their mission is to get the bottom of the matter while maintaining fairness, impartiality and righteousness.
This trio of insurance investigators in action are like secret agents. They go beyond international boundaries to look for leads, follow targets and gather evidence. During the process, they also come across life stories of other people and become their guardian angels.