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The Forgotten Valley    Trailer

  • January 15th

  • 20

  • Mon-Fri (Vancouver) 4:30pm, 8:30pm (Toronto) 7:30pm, 11:30pm

  • Raymond Wong Louisa So Grace Chan Lau Kong Katy Kung Louis Yuen Rebecca Zhu Willie Wai


Highly influenced by western culture, couple LUK SHUI-FUNG (Raymond Wong) and LAW KWAI-SZE (Grace Chan) want to reshape their feudal hometown, Ping On Valley, which has fallen so far behind, but nothing comes out as they wish. Not only are they under the tyrannical dictatorship of their father, Village Chief LUK KAM-KUK (Lau Kong), who constantly stands in their way, but they are also involved in the ghost bride murder mystery, kidnapping and homicide respectively. Victims of bullying including KAM-KUK’s concubines SUNG MING-FUNG (Louisa So) and KOO MAN-YEE (Rebecca Zhu), and maid TIN CHOR-YAT (Katy Kung) eventually can’t take it anymore. Defying the status quo in the fight for gender equality, they secretly form an alliance to protect other girls who fall victim to this. Unexpectedly, a group of wicked guys headed by butler NG SHEUNG-SHUN (Louis Yuen) bring in bandits for their own selfish motives. While blowing the girls’ cover, it also puts the relationship of SHUI-FUNG and KWAI-SZE to the test, escalating the feud between men and women……