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My Dearly Sinful Mind    Trailer

  • June 5

  • 28

  • Fri 9:00 PM

  • Kenneth Ma, Sisley Choi, Mat Yeung, Pierre Ngo, Grace Wong, Kent Tong, Michelle Yim, Vivien Yeo


Devastated over his girlfriend’s death in a traffic accident, psychologist CHUNG TAI-YIN (Kenneth Ma) has spent five years to seek the truth. The psychological assessment of a campus murder suspect, LO KIN-KEUNG (Willie Wai), conducted by his late girlfriend showed that KIN-KEUNG lacked a murder motive and had no violent tendency. During TAI-YIN’s investigation, he encounters a prodigy named TUNG YAT (Mat Yeung) who has Asperger’s syndrome, and his younger sister TUNG YUET (Sisley Choi). TUNG YAT is socially awkward and often brings trouble to his sister. Many years ago, he even caused police officer WU TIN-YEUNG (Pierre Ngo) to fail in his undercover operation. However, due to TAI-YIN, all of them gradually become good friends, and they even help him hunt down the culprit. Out of the blue, a person involved in the case, WONG HOI-CHING (Grace Wong), whom they have had no contact with for many years, shows up and visits KIN-KEUNG in jail, drastically changing the case……