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Black Envelope   

  • June 15, 2022

  • 30 episodes

  • Mon-Fri 9:00pm

  • Sonija KWOK、Annie LIU、Adam PAK、SO Chi Wai、Jason WANG、POON Chan Leung、YUEN Yee Man、Phoebus NG、Katherine CHAN、Bonde SHAM、Thor LOK、Jeffery LAM、Calvin CHAN、Calvin LUI


So (Sonija Kwok) is the Chief of the Hong Kong branch of the company that carries out the “Azrael” mission in order to control the world’s population. After announcing her retirement plan, a successor war is unfolded by the three managers Pang (Adam Pak), Sumyee (Annie Liu), and Poling (Yuen Yee Man). So is dramatically killed after falling into a trap which is set by their subordinates, Lee (Bonde Sham), Mo (Jeffery Lam), and Bong (Calvin Chan). There must be a price for violating the law of death. The parallel universe is about to distort, can everyone’s desire still be fulfilled?