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A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch   

  • July 17th

  • 32

  • Mon-Fri (Vancouver) 4:30pm, 8:30pm (Toronto) 7:30pm, 11:30pm

  • Edwin Siu, Kristal Tin,Raymond Cho, Grace Wong, Matthew Ho, Rebecca Zhu, David Chiang, James Ng


In late Ming dynasty, three courtiers — YUAN CHONGHUAN (Edwin Siu), ZUO GUANGDOU (Raymond Cho) and LI JINZHONG (Matthew Ho) — travel over four centuries’ time by accident and arrive in today’s Foshan. They run into FONG WAI-CHI, who is at the time looking for an undiscovered chef master. Meanwhile, they see on TV an actress looking very much like the missing crown princess GUO QIAN (Grace Wong), WAI-CHI fools them saying that she can arrange for them to see the actress in Hong Kong; since they are eager to find the crown princess, they rashly sign the employment contract with WAI-CHI and become the waiters and chef of WAI-CHI’s restaurant. It turns out what WAI-CHI wants is to rescue her restaurant’s business and reputation, which are going downhill, through JINZHONG’s extraordinary cooking skills. The three courtiers join the restaurant using their new names — WAN TAI-KWAN (Edwin Siu), FUNG YAT-BO (Raymond Cho) and LI SIU-TUNG (Matthew Ho) — and the restaurant becomes a popular “heart-throb” eatery in no time. They become so famous and the restaurant becomes so well-received that other catering groups in town have to launch a series of strikes using monetary means. With TAI-KWAN’s help, WAI-CHI overcomes the crisis, and an indescribable feeling has grown between the two. In the meantime, YAT-BO finds out about WONG YI-SAN’s (Grace Wong) secret while he is investigating her background and history; he even learns about the fate of them all through history books and faces a dilemma when the deadline to return to the Ming dynasty is approaching…