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Of Greed And Ants   

  • January 6, 2020

  • 30

  • Mon-Fri (Van) 4:30pm, 8:30pm (Tor) 7:30pm, 11:30pm

  • Eddie Cheung, Edwin Siu, Tony Hung, Elaine Yiu, Ben Wong, Jeannie Chan, Matthew Ho, Candy Man, Anthony Ho, Max Cheung


The Hong Kong economy is booming in the 1970s and the stock market is a battlefield where greed is rampant. Because of his father’s misfortune, the way Wing Muk-tung (Eddie Cheung), who is Chinese Thai, sees life is turned upside down. He flees Thailand and reaches Hong Kong. He aspires to be master of the financial game as he gains insights into the power of the stock market. Righteous working class Ching Wing-chun (Edwin Siu) and his two buddies Chong Tai-hei (Tony Hung) and Luk Siu-fu (Anthony Ho) are diligent young men pursuing their dreams. However, they get their fingers burned as they are overwhelmed by stock market shock waves. Wing-chun’s home has three new lodgers, namely, Shui Man-jing (Elaine Yiu), her polar opposite younger sister Shui Man-ting (Jeannie Chan) and their mother. These two sisters are also waiting for a chance to turn their fortune around. Muk-tung life’s ambition is gradually realized as he successfully approaches tycoon Tong Ho-fung (Ben Wong). Meanwhile, Wing-chun and his chums also get involved. Their destinies are being rewritten.