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Wife, Interrupted   

  • November 25

  • 8'

  • Sunday (Van) 9:00am 3:00pm 8:10pm 1:00am (Tor) 12:00pm 6:00pm 11:10pm 4:00am

  • Hubert Wu, Moon Lau, Ashley Chu, Alvin Ng, Telford Wong, Maggie Wong, Jarryd Tam, Kyle Li, Virginia Lau, Rainky Wai


The story revolves around an ordinary man who risks himself to save his beloved wife. Computer engineer LEE YAN-LONG (Hubert Wu) and his wife CHIU CHEUK-WING (Moon Lau) lead an ordinary happy life until one day they get kidnapped by thugs, who threaten to kill CHEUK-WING, unless YAN-LONG repays them $100 million within 72 hours! Bewildered, YAN-LONG reports it to the police, thus re-encounters his former roommate, now hot-blooded detective LEUNG HIU-YEUNG (Alvin Ng) and high school crush TONG MEI-LAN (Ashley Chu). With help from MEI-LAN, YAN-LONG uncovers that everything is related to the youth hostel where he stayed years ago, and the online trading platform he ran with other roommates has become a money laundering hub. They investigate those that stayed in the hostel in search of the culprit, triggering memories of the past, and all the evidence seems to point at CHEUNG TSZ-KIN (Telford Wong). As the deadline approaches and the truth is just one step away, YAN-LONG discovers that each of them including his own wife has a secret side to themselves……