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【Chatting Platform】4/25 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 8:35pm
The federal government is unveiling a one hundred billion spending budget, which aims to please seniors and their caregivers, working parents, students, and business owners. $10-a-day childcare is also on the agenda for the post-pandemic time. What do you think about the budget? Have your sayonline!

【What's On】4/25 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 7:40pm

【Magazine 26】4/23 Promo

FTV 1 | Friday | 9:50pm

【Entertainment Circle】4/23 Promo

'Entertainment Circle' airs on Fairchild Television every Friday at 6:45pm and 10:20pm EST.

【Mandarin Profile】4/22 Promo

Make sure you tune to Fairchild Television Thursdays 6:45pm and 10:20pm EST to watch 'Mandarin Profile'.

【Timeline Magazine】4/21 Promo

‘Timeline Magazine’ airs every Wednesday at 6:45pm and 10:20pm EST on Fairchild Television.

【Snapshots】4/20 Promo

FTV 1 | Tuesday | 6:45pm & 10:20pm
Come join Manica, Suiki, and Janey on their weekly adventure! The two young ladies are scouting their way to discover popular must-visit destinations, look for enjoyments that many have neglected during the pandemic, reminisce the unforgettable past, and appreciate something new and exciting.

【Media Focus】4/19 Promo

'Media Focus' airs on Fairchild Television every Monday at 6:45pm and 10:20pm EST.