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【Chatting Platform】6/11 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 8:35pm
A Chinese warship came close of hitting an American destroyer in the Taiwan Strait. While China claims Taiwan as part of its own territory, U.S. and its allies regularly sail through and fly over the passage top emphasize that the waters are international. What do you think about the latest China-US relations? Have your say online!

【Magazine 26】6/9 Promo

FTV 1 | Friday | 9:50pm

【Timeline Magazine】6/7 Promo

Police are investigating by knocking on doors in the vicinity, and gathering clues to find evidence once a burglary happens, which requires a significant amount of police resources. If residents could proactively register their surveillance cameras within their households with the police, and provide relevant video clips as evidence if in need, this would promote neighborhood watch and help save police resources.

‘Timeline Magazine’ airs every Wednesday at 6:45pm on Fairchild Television.

【In Search of Tasty Cuisines】6/6 Promo

FTV 1 | Tuesday | 6:10pm, 10:20pm

【Media Focus】6/5Promo

China-Canada relations have hit a historical low, the situation has worsened even further after the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the pandemic has subsided, both countries are now entangled in geopolitical issues, inflation, economic stagnation, and various other deadlocks. When will we be able to emerge from this gloom and restore positive interaction in trade between the two countries?

'Media Focus' airs on Fairchild Television every Monday at 6:45pm EST and 10:20pm EST.

【What's On】6/4 Promo

FTV 1 | Sunday | 7:40pm

【Entertainment Circle】6/1 Promo

Cannes Film Festival is back, bringing you the best red carpet looks and award winners.

Two films based on true stories show the legacy of life.

'Entertainment Circle' airs on Fairchild Television every Friday at 6:45pm EST and 10:20pm EST.

【Mandarin Profile】6/1Promo

Lumberjack is one of the most dangerous jobs, and Hou Yuting has been working in this industry for over a decade. Whether it is Chernozem of Northeast China or Canada, both are the lands where Hou has worked in.

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An all-new 15-episode run of 'Morning Excercise' premieres August 4th!

Taught by Master Carson Lau, together with Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2020 2nd Runner-Up Rachel Kuang, he shows you the in's-and-out's of mastering Wing Chun.

【My Muse】3/8 Promo

FTV 1 | Tuesday | 6:45pm

【Snapshots】12/7 Promo

FTV 1 | Tuesday | 6:45pm & 10:20pm