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【Expert Hour】6/13 Promo

TTV | Tuesday | PST 9:25pm | EST 12:25am

【Urban Life】6/10 Promo

TTV | Saturday | PST 4:55pm & 8:00pm | EST 7:55pm & 11:00pm

【Magazine 26】6/10 Promo

TTV | Saturday | PST 10:10pm | EST 1:10am

【My Country My Home】6/2Promo

Former governor Johnston, who was appointed by the Prime Minister to review the allegations of foreign interference in the election, has released his first report, which does not recommend holding a public inquiry. He believes that it is not the right decision and that it will not achieve the expected results from the public. The second report is expected to be released in October. How are the citizens reacting to this?

My Country My Home airs on Talentvision every Friday at 7:55pm EST/4:55pm PST.

【Mandarin Profile】6/1 Promo

Lumberjack is one of the most dangerous jobs in Canada, and Hou Yuting has been working in this industry for over a decade. Whether it is Chernozem of Northeast China or Canada, both are the stages where Hou has worked in.

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