Vancouver Host

伍文嘉    Manica Ng

Personal motto:Don't worry, Be happy!

Interests:Cooking, baking, singing, watching drama, volunteering, jogging

Childhood dream(s):To become a dessert chef

How did you enter the industry:Joining DJ Training Course 2014

Favorite singer(s):Eason Chan, Joey Yung, Denise Ho, Pakho Chau, Twins, G.E.M. Tang, James Ng, Taylor Swift

Favorite book(s):Cook books

Favorite food:Any desserts

The most perfect day:Every day is a perfect day

Most memorable experience ever:First time MCing at a gala dinner

First job:Cashier

First performing/hosting experience:Aerobics performance in kindergarten

The most important person or thing to you:My loved ones and people who love me

Most desirable traveling destiny(country):Australia

What Fairchild program(s) have you participated at:What's On, VANtastic, Missy Missy, Food Buzzing

What Fairchild program(s) do you participate at now:Snapshots