Vancouver Host

陶迪衡    Aaron To

Personal motto:Be the change you want to see

Interests:Playing badminton, making YouTube videos, singing, playing piano, playing guitar, going to gym

Childhood dream(s):To taste and eat all delicacies around the world

How did you enter the industry:Sunshine Nation 2012

Favorite singer(s):Starfield, Jayesslee, Coldplay

Favorite book(s):The Slight Edge (Jeff Olson)

Favorite food:Salmon Nigiri Sushi, prime rib steak, ice cream, vermicelli in soup, Cajun chicken with rice, broccoli, baked pork chop

The most perfect day:Eating after waking up, and then sleeping right after

Most memorable experience ever:One time when I was feeling very sick at a crowded MTR train station, a kind lady cared to stop by

First job:Retail

First performing/hosting experience:Singing and playing the guitar at Sunshine Nation finale

The most important person or thing to you:God and family

Most desirable traveling destiny(country):Korea

What Fairchild program(s) do you participate at now:What's On